Welcome to Barcelona Dreaming!

When we first arrived in Barcelona we were amazed by the beauty of the city; the architecture, the culture, the surrounding landscape. The city truly spoke to our hearts and we were equally amazed to learn that Barcelona has a rich Jewish history dating all the way back to Roman times that often remains untold.

As graduates of History and Geography we made it our mission to bring the story of the Jewish in Barcelona back to life and to share our knowledge and passion for the city and its culture with visitors.

Over the last few years we have been delighted to see an increased awareness and interest in the history of local Jewish people and invite you to join us on a wonderful and illuminating journey back in time to the golden Jewish age in Barcelona.

What will I see on the tours?

Our tours will take you on an intriguing journey of some of Barcelona”s most fascinating historical places. Our tour guides will show you a great range of interesting and beautiful places that will leave your imagination in awe and wonder as they tell you the historical stories of these great attractions and landmarks.

You”ll get to see one of Spain”s most beautiful garden complexes and architectural elements, Park Güell. It”s a stunning beautiful place full of amazing landscape and beautiful artistic murals, statues and architecture and there”s really no other place like it.

We”ll take you to the Sagrada Família , which is a church with amazingly breath-taking architecture. Even art critics say that it”s impossible to find another church building like this in the entire history of art, so be prepared to be amazed.

You can also see places such as Placa España which is one of Barcelona”s most important squares and a beautiful sight with its amazing statues and fountains, the Palau de la Musica which is one of the most stunningly beautiful concert halls anyone could ever see , and also the Gran Teatre del Liceu , one of the world”s most amazingly built opera houses.

We”l also take you to the historical Jewish parts of Barcelona where you will visit a variety of places including ‘the ancient Synagogue of Barcelona (Sinagoga Mayor Barcelona) , the Mikvah – an important place in Jewish life and law, the Jewish alchemist house and also the Jewish small quarter and it”s old Synagogue.

There”s also a range of museums that we take tourists to visit such as the Picasso museum, Miro and the “historia de Cataluña” . The list is endless and there are other tours that we do also with a wide range and variety of places to see and learn about.

Its amazing value for money and our average tour times are around 4 hours so you”re guaranteed to visit a lot of places and get a great experience. It”s a great chance to learn more about some of the interesting Jewish history in Barcelona and see some amazing Spanish and Jewish architecture that you won”t find anywhere else in the world.