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Barcelona Gothic and Jewish quarters


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Combined Tour

Barcelona has a fascinating and ancient story to tell. Some legends say it was founded by Hercules, a powerful hero from Greek mythology. Historical facts tell us that the city was founded over 2,000 years ago by the Romans. At that time it was called Barcino and not of great consequence. But slowly the importance of the city grew thanks to its location on the Mediterranean Sea, which was important for trade with its strong, protective city walls.

The importance of the city for trade was one of the reasons it became a flourishing Jewish centre. The Jews at the time were very involved in trade all around the Mediterranean. And so the city of Barcelona grew bigger and more important and the Jewish community grew with it, contributing to the economic success and development. By the 13th Century Jews made about 15% of the population of the city.

In the combined tour, we will dive into both the history of Barcelona as a whole and the city’s Jewish history, reflecting on how these two histories are tied together and influenced one another. The tour includes all the highlights of the Jewish tour and the historic Jewish Quarter, plus two hours exploring the Gothic Quarter and the vast history of Barcelona as a whole. For those passionate about learning about and witnessing a city’s transformation over time, the combined tour is an incredible chance to experience it from two angles and a great package deal.

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Entrance to the synagogue is included – 4€ per person (closed on saturdays).

We don’t charge children under 12 years old, with the exception of synagogue entrance fees.

If you wish to have your tour at a different time or book more than 1 tour with us, please contact us: info@barcelonadreaming.com

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  • Old Jewish quarter

  • Old Mikve

  • Museum of the old synagogue

  • Old Roman temple

  • Plaça Sant Jaume

  • The Cathedral

  • Centro de interpetación del Call

Frequently asked questions

Do you charge children?

We don’t charge children under 12 years old, with the exception of synagogue entrance fees.

Why didn’t I get a reply to my inquiry?

We ALWAYS respond to all inquiries. If you have not received a response within a reasonable time frame (24 hours), please do two things: (1) Please check your junk folder. Sometimes our responses end up there for whatever reason. (2) If you cannot find the response there, something’s gone wrong! Please send us a message again and double check that the correct email address is in the text field. Thank you!

What is the difference between the Jewish tour and the weekly Jewish tour?

The main difference between the Jewish Tour and the Weekly Jewish Tour is the number of participants: the Weekly Jewish Tour is a group tour whereas the Jewish Tour is a private one.

Are all the guides Jewish?

We want to make sure you have the best experience, and hence we ensure that all of our guides are extremely knowledgeable of the tour content. However, in order to visit the Gaudi monuments, the City Hall of Barcelona requires us to hire specific, special certified tour guides. We cannot assure that these guides will be Jewish.

Is there food during the tour?

We don’t stop for lunch doing our tours, but we can always stop for a snack.
There are a lot of coffee places and we are always trying to be very attentive to the clients’
needs. There is no problem to stop for a coffee or a snack if needed!

Do you buy entrances in advance?

We buy entrance to Gaudi´s monumets in advance. Entrance to the synagogue is included in the tour price.