Travel in Barcelona: The World”s Most Amazing City

Spain is the most beautiful and amazing destination spots. Spain is located on the western edge of the Europe and has Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. You will find all the luxuries from top most hotels, kosher restaurants, beautiful sites and many more. You will get the experience of the Spain traditional cultures in each place. You will nowhere in the world find so much diversity. You will find architectural marvels and huge variety of sights activities. Spain holds all the magic which will leave you spellbound.

Here you will find the unique style of architectures. History of diverse cultures is responsible for these traditional beauties. Anything from monasteries to Christian cathedrals and the countless beautiful villas on the other side makes the site more attractive and magical. Spain”s architecture is nowhere prominent then In Barcelona.

Beautiful cities of Spain

Spain is having the most enchanting places in the world. Spain is so huge and there are thousand of places you can visit on your vacation. Spain offers you bullfights, beaches, lively festivals; the country has also given the world Pablo Picasso and Don Quitox.

You can travel to Spain anyway you like to by train, car and airplane. The two major cities of Spain are Barcelona, Seville and Madrid.

Madrid is the capital of the Spain and is famous for bull fighters and flamenco dancers. Royal palace is another attraction and there are many other museums and plazas for you to visit. There are lots of historical buildings and art galleries which you can visit.

Places of interest in Spain

Avila is Spain”s uppermost capital state and also has been stated as the world heritage by UNESCO. Avila has numerous places which tourists will love to visit. Capilla de Mosen Rubi this is a chapel which was built around the1516 and now it belongs to the Dominican nunnery. The exceptionality of this church is that it has a Christ polychrome figure. Gothic buildings are the most popular architecture of Avila. The cathedral of the state is considered as a holy place. This building is also constructed in the Gothic style. Many people come here to visit this pilgrimage center.

Jewish settlement is the place where people belonging to the Jewish community still live in this place. Their culture, dressing, traditions, religion practices and Jewish costumes are interesting to watch.
Spain is a beautiful place to which and has so much to explore. Plan a trip to Spain the worlds most beautiful destination.