Jewish heritage and culture in Barcelona

Spain is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Its Jewish heritage can be traced back as early as in august 1492. The influence began at the order of King Ferdinanad as well as Queen Isabella. They did not follow Catholicism since their exile from the homeland since 15000 years. Their reign continued for several years and slowly it marked the beginning of the Golden Age of the life in Spain. It was during this period when Muslims and Christians lived harmoniously in the medieval age.

As early as in 1263, King James I of Aragon aimed at convincing the general public to covert Christianity. Soon Nachmanides, the great sage of the Jewish culture appeared in Spain to explain the validity of Judaism. Later he left the city and settled in Israel. Later during the 1492 things changed under the influence of King Ferdinanad as well as Queen Isabella.

Later due to various reasons like murdering Jews, Barcelona was devoid of Jews for almost five hundred years. Today you can rediscover the heritage and culture of Jewish tradition in the cities like Barcelona, Besalu, Caceres etc.

Exploring the age old tradition of Jewish culture in Barcelona

The city is imbibed with Jewish architect that slowly helped the religion to spread its wing in the medieval period. Do not miss the Museum of National Art of Catalonia it is here you can explore the gothic religious paintings depicting conversions of Jews to Christianity.

During the medieval period Barcelona was the most important area of the Jewish society. In this period medieval synagogue and gothic culture dominated the city. For few decades their presence continued. But with time the Jewish presence dissolved. Today you have to dig into the museums, art gallery, churches and architecture to return to the Golden age of Spain.

This beautiful city still has jewish population. Today you can check out the rich heritage of the religion by only visiting the traditional areas like museums and art galleries. The churches and buildings are beautiful. The city is an epitome of beauty.

Now the city celebrates Jewish day. It also has a Jewish school, Chabad house, an annual film festival dedicated to the Jewish community and old age home.

Thus visit the city and explore its rich heritage and culture. Do plan for a day tour and explore the various architecture and art galleries spread across the city. Plan today and visit tomorrow.