Combined Tour

Barcelona has a fascinating and ancient story to tell. Some legends say it was founded by Hercules, a powerful hero from Greek mythology. Historical facts tell us that the city was founded over 2000 ago by the Romans. At that time it was called Barcino and not of great consequence. But slowly the importance of the city grew thanks its location on the Mediterranean Sea, which was important for trade and its strong city walls that protected the city.

The importance of the city for trading, was one of the reasons it became a flourishing Jewish centre. The Jews at the time were very involved in trade all around the Mediterranean. And so the city of Barcelona grew bigger and more important and Jewish community grew with it, contributing to the economical success and development. By the 13th Century Jews made about 15% of the population of the city.

In this tour we will learn about the spirit of Catalonia, including the story of Barcelona, how it started and grew to be so important and beautiful, how Jewish people are an integral part of its history. We will stroll through the mysterious alleys of the Call, the old Jewish quarter, see the magnificent and important monuments of Barcelona, the old Roman Temple, Plaza Sant Jaume , the Cathedral and many more spectacular sights and sounds Barcelona has to offer.

We will dive into the history of Barcelona to see how it influenced the course of Jewish History and how both are tied together.

Duration: 4 hours.

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