Jewish communities in Barcelona

A few restaurants we suggest while in Barcelona

A Tu Bola – Gourmet Street Food.

Biocenter – Vegetarian. You share your table with whomever at this large and friendly veggie restaurant.

Bilbao -Spanish food, generous potions of hearty Spanish grub (the emphasis is on juicy meat)

Goliard– Catalonian food, This quiet diner is a haven of exquisite designer cooking at modest prices.

Mauri – This great Cafe-Restaurant serves exquisite patries and light snacks.

Cerveseria Catalana – Tapas. Cofee and corissants are on in the morning, or wait untill lunch to choose from the profusion of tapas montaditos (canapes)

Tatika berri – Basque food. Hang around the bar and nibble away at the army of basque style tapas.

Barcelona Information and transportation.

Barcelona airports.

TMB – Metro and buses in Barcelona.

Renfe – trains in Spain

Raileurope – Trains in Europe