Spain is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Its Jewish heritage can be traced back as early as in august 1492. The influence began at the order of King Ferdinanad as well as Queen Isabella. They did not follow Catholicism since their exile from the homeland since 15000 years. Their reign continued for several years and slowly it marked the beginning of the Golden Age of the life in Spain. It was during this period when Muslims and Christians lived harmoniously in the medieval age.

As early as in 1263, King James I of Aragon aimed at convincing the general public to covert Christianity. Soon Nachmanides, the great sage of the Jewish culture appeared in Spain to explain the validity of Judaism. Later he left the city and settled in Israel. Later during the 1492 things changed under the influence of King Ferdinanad as well as Queen Isabella.

Later due to various reasons like murdering Jews, Barcelona was devoid of Jews for almost five hundred years. Today you can rediscover the heritage and culture of Jewish tradition in the cities like Barcelona, Besalu, Caceres etc.

Exploring the age old tradition of Jewish culture in Barcelona

The city is imbibed with Jewish architect that slowly helped the religion to spread its wing in the medieval period. Do not miss the Museum of National Art of Catalonia it is here you can explore the gothic religious paintings depicting conversions of Jews to Christianity.

During the medieval period Barcelona was the most important area of the Jewish society. In this period medieval synagogue and gothic culture dominated the city. For few decades their presence continued. But with time the Jewish presence dissolved. Today you have to dig into the museums, art gallery, churches and architecture to return to the Golden age of Spain.

This beautiful city still has jewish population. Today you can check out the rich heritage of the religion by only visiting the traditional areas like museums and art galleries. The churches and buildings are beautiful. The city is an epitome of beauty.

Now the city celebrates Jewish day. It also has a Jewish school, Chabad house, an annual film festival dedicated to the Jewish community and old age home.

Thus visit the city and explore its rich heritage and culture. Do plan for a day tour and explore the various architecture and art galleries spread across the city. Plan today and visit tomorrow.

Castellers de Barcelona was founded in 1969 as a competition to the age old traditional castellers of Tarragona. First let there be a little introduction about castellers. Castellers was a tradition in Catalonia. There are three parts in a human tower the root, the truck and the crown. The root is the base of the tower is horizontal and supports the entire structure. The trunk of the tower formulates the design of the entire structure. The crown is the final brick in the caste and is built with light and flexible persons.

Well one thing is for sure; when you are visiting Barcelona, the performance of the castellers cannot be missed. Barcelona hosts a number of national festivals and each has a segment for the performance of the castellers. Festa Major de Garcia is one such festival. It is kind of a weeklong carnival taking place on the streets. The last human tower reached a record height of 10 peoples that is highest in the world. One thing that stands out amidst the bright decorations of the streets and the live music of the festival is the Castellers de Barcelona. In bright red t-shirts and glimmering white and silver pants, they take away the attraction of the people and unleash their skills to amaze the visitors.

The functioning of the castle is most delightful to watch. As the castle takes different formations, the background music helps in identifying the formations. The performances of Castellers de Barcelona have rejuvenated the tradition of castle building in the country of Spain. They ensured that the people can recall their history and live in them with their performances. Moreover continuous introduction of new tricks by Castellers de Barcelona has also helped in engaging the viewers with the tradition of building human towers.

The performances are generally held on Sundays so that maximum number of crowd can enjoy them. The performances are held in the town attraction places like Town Hall Square and City Centers. The season of castle building starts from June and ends in the mid of November as winter creeps in. Also there are many types of castles that can be viewed as the number of castellers clubs has grown in the country. Castellers de Barcelona has created a new platform for Spain to attract local and international visitors to the country. So, if you are planning for your summer vacation, now have another alternative to choose from.



Barcelona is known for its architecture, art, food and beautiful climate. However, there was a time when the second largest city of Spain and the largest city of Catalonia, was the hub of Jewish luminaries. Around the 13th century Jewish philosophers, poets and thinkers flourished. They were the foundation for the rich Jewish culture and heritage in the time to come. Solomon Ibn Gabirol, Abraham Ibn Ezra and Judah Halevi are only some of the notable characters during that period. Their works are entwined with the current Jewish philosophy and biblical writings.

During 1263, Barcelona was the centre of a great dispute between Nachmanides and Pablo Christiani. Pablo Christiani was a apostate who has working rigorously to convert Jews to Christianity. Nachmanides had a rich history in Barcelona and was the leading rabbi in Catalonia. Even though, the King, James I of Aragon, declared Nachmanides the winner of the debate, the negative Christian reaction made Nachmanides leave Catalonian for Jerusalem.

However the presence of Jews in Barcelona is not yet lost. Montjuïc, which means – ‘mountain of the Jews” in Catalan, is a site that expresses the rich history and continuance of Jews in the city. It was the site for 1992 Olympics and is also home to National Museum of Art and Catalonia. It is said that in the middle ages, this site used to be site of Jewish cemetery, after which the mountain was named.

In recent times, many tombstones were discovered, which are stored in the Provincial Archeological Museums. During the great crusades, the condition of the Jews worsened, when many were forced to convert to Christianity. Christopher Columbus, who set sail for Americas on August 3, 1492, was also among those Spaniards whose ancestors were forced to convert. The year 1492 is significant for other reasons than Columbus”s journey. It was the year when 200,000 Jews were evicted from Spain. Their void remained for centuries till the mid-19th century when some Jews started coming back. Today Barcelona is home to some 4,000 Jews. They are part of various synagogues including, Comunidad, Chabad, Israelita de Barcelona and Comunitat Jueva Atid de Catalunya.

In the heart of Barcelona”s Gothic area resides the Call. It is an ancient Jewish community. The main street of the community known as Carrer de Saint Domenec, is the place where kosher butchers worked. It is also the location of the great historic synagogue of Spain, which is said to have been present even in Roman times, Sinagoga Mayor de Barcelona.

Restaurants are found in every part of the world but what makes them unique and famous are their authenticity and food it serves. A kosher restaurant is a place that serves food with Jewish dietetic laws. These businesses also include cafes, diners, pizzerias, cafeterias and fast food corners which are constantly in listings with authentic caterers, butchers and bakeries and other places which are different from authentic styles. These businesses operate under the rabbinical control. These establishments also need to work under the Kashrus and other Jewish laws.

The restaurants are closed during Jewish holidays and Shabbat if they operate under Jewish ownership. In majority of the cases the restaurants are limited to serving exclusively either meat products or other dairy products. But some types of restaurants such as delicatessen frequently serve and kept in the different areas.

People can find authentic restaurants in different parts of the world where the Jewish community exists. In cities where there is large Jewish population exists the options of the authentic restaurants are quite large. New York United States have the highest number of these restaurants in the world. In Canada Toronto also you can find a large number of the authentic restaurants.” Cities where there is smaller Jewish population authentic dining is limited to just one or two establishments. There are some cities where there are no legitimate establishments at all.

Both these cities have other arrangements where the Jewish residents can get ready made and different types of authentic meals which are not otherwise easily available in the cities.

Authentic foods

There are restaurants which specialize in the specific types of food and many authentic restaurants serve a diversity of food items which are popular among the Jews people. Pizzas are the most common food which is served in the authentic restaurants. Other common types are the bagel shops which serve bagels with cream cheese and lox. In many restaurants people will find common menus of pizzas. In Middle Eastern cuisines meat dishes are the popular ones. These are popular among the American fast food staples like hamburgers and hot dogs. Fish is also common but it is not served in the same plates where meat has already been served. You will also find many authentic restaurants in Barcelona. People can also find these restaurants at the airport, near colleges, professional sports stadium and tourist attraction points. Some airlines also serve these foods in order.

Spain is the most beautiful and amazing destination spots. Spain is located on the western edge of the Europe and has Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. You will find all the luxuries from top most hotels, kosher restaurants, beautiful sites and many more. You will get the experience of the Spain traditional cultures in each place. You will nowhere in the world find so much diversity. You will find architectural marvels and huge variety of sights activities. Spain holds all the magic which will leave you spellbound.

Here you will find the unique style of architectures. History of diverse cultures is responsible for these traditional beauties. Anything from monasteries to Christian cathedrals and the countless beautiful villas on the other side makes the site more attractive and magical. Spain”s architecture is nowhere prominent then In Barcelona.

Beautiful cities of Spain

Spain is having the most enchanting places in the world. Spain is so huge and there are thousand of places you can visit on your vacation. Spain offers you bullfights, beaches, lively festivals; the country has also given the world Pablo Picasso and Don Quitox.

You can travel to Spain anyway you like to by train, car and airplane. The two major cities of Spain are Barcelona, Seville and Madrid.

Madrid is the capital of the Spain and is famous for bull fighters and flamenco dancers. Royal palace is another attraction and there are many other museums and plazas for you to visit. There are lots of historical buildings and art galleries which you can visit.

Places of interest in Spain

Avila is Spain”s uppermost capital state and also has been stated as the world heritage by UNESCO. Avila has numerous places which tourists will love to visit. Capilla de Mosen Rubi this is a chapel which was built around the1516 and now it belongs to the Dominican nunnery. The exceptionality of this church is that it has a Christ polychrome figure. Gothic buildings are the most popular architecture of Avila. The cathedral of the state is considered as a holy place. This building is also constructed in the Gothic style. Many people come here to visit this pilgrimage center.

Jewish settlement is the place where people belonging to the Jewish community still live in this place. Their culture, dressing, traditions, religion practices and Jewish costumes are interesting to watch.
Spain is a beautiful place to which and has so much to explore. Plan a trip to Spain the worlds most beautiful destination.